private pilots license


ppl(h) License requirements

The minimum experience required for the issue of a PPL is 50 hours flight time.

This time is to include (at least) these minimum requirements:

  • 20 hours dual instruction
  • 15 hours solo flight time
  • 10 hours cross-country navigation
  • 5 hours advanced dual instruction
  • 5 hours mountainous terrain


You must hold at least a current Class 2 medical certificate. It is important to get this medical certificate before you embark on your license journey to avoid disappointment at a later date.

If you are thinking of getting a Commercial license then you will need a Class 1 medical certificate so obtaining this at this stage is good practice as well.



New Zealand rules dictate that New Zealand pilots must have sufficient ability in reading, speaking, understanding and communicating in the English language. If English is your first language there shouldn’t be any problems here. You will have to prove that you can demonstrate proficiency to a certain level.

Written Examination Credit

Like any qualification worth having there is a large theory component and with aviation this is no different. We have many people talk to us about the exams they have to take and ask us if they are difficult to pass or not.

We have found that if you really want something in your life and you have a love for the end goal then you will make it through the exams. Some of them are not easy but with the right amount of tutoring and study you will be able to pass these exams. Just keep thinking of the flying!

The subjects that you will need to obtain pass marks in are:

*Flight Radio-telephony

*Air Law

*Air Navigation and Flight Planning

*PPL Meteorology

*Human Factors

*Aircraft Technical Knowledge and Principles of flight